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Firebirds Stand For STEM 

A successful franchise is a basketball-loving market with sustainable local support. The best franchises are intimately integrated with actual community goals and values, not just popular causes. The Firebirds stand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. The 21st-century workforce requires astounding levels of STEM education, but many of our young people are not getting exposed to these fields in a way that engages their own aspirations and imaginations. We are committed to leveraging the power and attractiveness of our sport to promote earlier engagement with STEM. The Firebirds have begun the process of partnering with local Wake County schools to host two school-day games for the purpose of reaching youth with an exciting basketball game experience that is a vehicle for tremendous education content. While there are many things it is important to be against these days, the Firebirds will stand for STEM.

Our STEM Partners:
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