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2024 Home Schedule

Note: All home games are played at St. Augustine's University!

Game 1- College Day
March 2nd, Saturday 4 PM vs. Rock City Flight

The Firebirds' first game of the season will be our College Day. The Firebirds want to use this game to invite high school students, Wake Tech students, and the local colleges with their admissions office to come out and have a meet and greet. The colleges and universities that will be represented are NC State, Shaw University, UNC Chapel Hill, NC Central University, William Peace University, Wake Tech Community College, Saint Augustine University, Durham Tech Community College, Johnston Community College, and Louisburg College. We will also invite the Fraternities and Sororities. This allows future students and schools to start forming a connection. 

Game 2- Health Awareness Night
March 8th, Friday 7 PM, vs. Coastal Georgia Buccaneers

The Firebirds' second game of the season will be our Health Awareness Night. The Firebirds' health focus is centered around Mental Health, M.S. Awareness, Autism Awareness, Heart Health, and Cancer Research. We will use this game to bring awareness to organizations that support these initiatives. There are a lot of health concerns that are preventable and when possible, we would like to create a positive result. Health is wealth, and when you have your health, you have all you need. The following organizations will be represented at this game: American Heart Association, Cancer Society, M.S. Society, Autism Society, Walk for Hope, Alliance Health, Oak Street Health, Pivot Physical Therapy, Mental Health Association, and North Carolina Healthy Blue.

Game 3- Military Appreciation Day
March 10th, Sunday 3 PM, vs. Jacksonville 95ers

The Firebirds' third game of the season will be our Military Appreciation Day. The Firebirds will use this game to show our support for the men and women who serve our nation. We will invite the local recruiting branches, ROTC programs of our local colleges, the Veteran Administration, the Marines, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, and the National Guard for a chance to meet with anyone interested in serving. The brave men and women who protect our homes make our lives possible. Without them, we would not be living the lives we do.

Game 4- STEM Day
March 14th, Thursday 11 AM, vs. Frederick Flying Cows


The Firebirds' fourth game of the season is our STEM Education Day. The Firebirds have a big focus on STEM Education. We want to help connect the underserved youth in our local schools with organizations that can provide support. We will invite local middle schools and elementary schools to bring their kids out to enjoy a game of basketball and connect with the STEM community in Wake County. Our BasketBotz program will be displayed during halftime. We will be inviting STEM companies to meet with our talented STEM students in Wake County Public Schools. We will also be inviting the local colleges and universities STEM departments and students. This will be another opportunity to bring our students together with local companies who will someday look to employ these very students.

Game 5- Sponsor/Season Ticket Holders Night
March 22nd, Friday 7 PM, vs. W. Virginia Grind


The Firebirds' fifth game of the season will be our Sponsors and Season Ticket Holders Appreciation Night. We would not be able to play basketball without your support. The sponsors who fund us, the partners who support us, and the fans who show up to every game. The Firebirds are forever grateful for everything you do for us.

Game 6- Youth Sports Day
April 13th, Saturday 5 PM, vs. Jacksonville 95ers

The Firebirds' sixth game of the season is our Youth Sports Day. The Firebirds will use this game to bring out local youth sports groups and allow them to watch a high-energy professional basketball game. This night will help us celebrate the game of basketball with the next generation.

Game 7- Business/Entrepreneurial & Financial Literacy Night
April 26th, Friday 7 PM, vs. Jacksonville 95ers

The Firebirds' seventh game of the season will be our Business/Entrepreneurial & Financial Literacy Night. The backbone of our communities is small businesses, and the Firebirds want to express our support for those businesses. We will invite local businesses to this game, as well as the chamber of commerce, and members of all 12 municipalities to this game. 

Game 8- First Responders Day
April 27th, Saturday 4 PM, vs. Coastal Georgia Buccaneers

The Firebirds’ eighth game of the season will be our First Responder Appreciation Day. The Firebirds greatly appreciate those who put others first and serve their communities. We will use this game to show our support for those groups who put their communities first. Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, and the Police make a difference in our lives every day. Our First Responders make our lives easier and safer, and we want to express our thanks this night.

Game 9- Friends and Family Day
May 5th, Sunday 3 PM, vs. Virginia Valley Vipers

The Firebirds' ninth game of the season will be our Friends and Family Day. The Firebirds want to invite local churches, recreational groups, the YMCA, the Boy and Girl Scouts, and the Boys and Girls Club for an opportunity to share a fun night centers around basketball. We want to show our appreciation to these groups for making our communities better.

Game 10- Municipalities Night
May 10th, Friday 7 PM, vs. Rock City Flight

The Firebirds' tenth game of the season is our Municipalities Night. The Firebirds want to bring the 12 Municipalities of Wake County together to promote and bring awareness to events going on around our home. This will also be an opportunity for businesses, chamber members, mayors, and other members of our community to come out and show support for the Firebirds.

Game 11- Multicultural Day
May 11th, Saturday 4 PM, vs. Rock City Flight

The Firebirds' eleventh game of the season will be our Multicultural Night. From steel drums to sombreros and baklava to bagpipes, the Raleigh area celebrates the world's cultures with more than 10 community-wide festivals this fall. Consistently ranked as a top place to live, work, and play by numerous national publications, the area lives up to that moniker by providing a sense of community and acceptance for a melting pot of cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Discover many of the cultures that make this area a celebratory and dynamic place to be. The Firebirds look forward to celebrating our differences at our Multicultural Day game!

Game 12-End of Season Party
May 17th, Friday 7 PM, vs. Coastal Georgia Buccaneers


The Firebirds' final game of the season is our End of the Season Party. We will use this to celebrate the final chapter of another successful season for the Firebirds. Everyone is invited to come out to watch the Firebirds ball out one last time and to wish them luck in the Playoffs.


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