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2022 Raleigh Firebirds Roster


           #1  Kenny Collins                                        #2 Brock Young                                  #3 Daequon Antoine










        6’5”|Shooting Guard| Clayton, NC                        6’0”|Point Guard| Raleigh, NC                          6’3”|Shooting Guard| Boston, MA

             #7 Marques Sumner                            #10 Miykael Faulcon                          #12 Desmond Jackson


       6'1”|Point Guard| Myrtle Beach, SC                     6’6”|Shooting Guard| Durham, NC                        6’11”|Center| Willingboro, NJ

            #13  Daquan Lilly                                     #15 James McKelvin                             #22  Darius Leonard










        6’8”|Forward| Knightdale, NC                             6’5”|Shooting Guard| St. Louis, MO                            6'9”|Forward| Raleigh, NC                

           #23 Andre Pierce                                         #24 Chris Chaney                                    #32 Matt McClain










       6’10”|Forward| Jacksonville, FL                       6’5”|Small Forward| Virginia Beach, VA              6’7”|Small Forward| Charleston, SC 

Kenny Collins Z9A13779-sharpen-Motion.jpg
Brock Young Z9A13787-sharpen-Motion.jpg
Daequon Antoine Z9A13794-sharpen-Standard.jpg
Marques Summer Z9A13688-sharpen-Standard.jpg
Andre Pierce Z9A13709-sharpen-Standard.jpg
Daquon Lilly Z9A13799-sharpen-Standard.jpg
Chris Chaney Z9A13716-sharpen-Standard.jpg
James McKelvin Z9A13791-sharpen-Focus.jpg
Darius Leonard Z9A13795-sharpen-Standard.jpg
Matthew McClain Z9A13732-sharpen-Standard (1).jpg
Leon Sutton Z9A13728-sharpen-Focus.jpg
Desmond Jackson Z9A13820-sharpen-Standard (1).jpg


Wade Harris - Director of Player Development and Managing Partner

Chris Lightner - Assistant General Manager
Kell Peterson - Partner
Mark Connor - Partner
Robert Brickey - Head Coach
DeMarcus Oliver - Assistant Coach

Mitchell Jeffries - Assistant Coach and Assistant Director of Player Development

Taereka Johnson - Athletic Trainer

Madison Frank - Team Physical Therapist
Dr. Richard Adelman - Team Physician

Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin, MD - Firebirds Wellness Specialist
Sara Alsous - Director of Game Day Operations
Nick Hill - Director of Media Relations

LaVania McDuffie - Sale and Marketing Director
Autumn Joi - Hostess of the Firebirds Home Games
Victoria Jones - Player Mentor

Mark Vincent - Website Engineer

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