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Introducing The Raleigh Firebirds Show

One thing I really love about podcasts is that they're easy to find and very practical. Whether you're going for a walk, working out, or driving to work, a podcast is always easy to listen to, and close by. My favorite podcast topic is basketball, and I love the NBA. There's a very large variety of choices, as you can find at a minimum five podcasts about every NBA team, and dozens that cover current events in the league.

On the other hand, when the NBA is in one of its less exciting periods (such as right now, when free agency is over and the season hasn't started yet), what do I have to listen to? Almost none of my podcasts are producing new episodes, which has forced me to start searching for other basketball podcasts to listen to. I have yet to find active NBA G-League podcasts, though there are a decent amount of podcasts about overseas basketball. However, what I really want is a podcast about basketball in America.

If you face a similar predicament, or are just looking for another great podcast, then you're in luck! The Raleigh Firebirds are proud to present The Raleigh Firebirds Show, a podcast which talks about the Firebirds, the TBL, and basketball in North Carolina. As of right now, episodes come once a week on Mondays and Tuesdays.

So far, there's been five guests on the show, the first four of whom are: Avon Thomas, Bob MacKinnion, Erroll Reese, and Sandra Orsega.

Avon Thomas is the social media manager and jack of all trades for the Raleigh Firebirds, and we had a great conversation about his life and the work he does.

Bob MacKinnion is the coach of the Raleigh Firebirds, and has a vast array of experience. He's coached in the TBL, overseas, and in the NBA G-League, where he won a G-League championship and holds the record for most call ups to the NBA! He has some wonderful insights and I would highly recommend listening to this episode.

Erroll Reese is the host of the Sports Shop Radio Show on WRAL, and does some color commentating for the Raleigh Firebirds. With a background in tech, military, and collegiate sports, Erroll has been all over, and has a very wide network, which has allowed him to have some amazing guests on his show. He talks a lot about life on the radio and TV, and he's an interesting, funny guy.

Sandra Orsega is the area sales manager for Pivot, a physical therapy company in North Carolina. Pivot is one of the sponsors of the Raleigh Firebirds, and sometimes, sponsors of the team will drop by to talk about their brand and backstories. Sandra's also a Raleigh Firebirds season ticket holder, and attends most of the team's home games.

Our most recent guest, who appeared on Episode Five, is Gion Brown, the manager of ticket sales for the Greensboro Swarm. The Swarm are the NBA G-League affiliates of the Charlotte Hornets, and we are forging strong ties with them. We want to bring Raleigh basketball to Greensboro, and Greensboro will bring their style of basketball to Raleigh, so that fans can get even more basketball that they love. Hopefully, this will be a lasting partnership where we will both be able to help each other grow.

The average North Carolina commute time is 24.8 minutes, and guess what; our podcasts average 24.8 minutes in length! These podcasts are absolutely perfect for people to listen to as they drive to work, as they'll keep you entertained and up to date on what's happening with The Raleigh Firebirds Show. We couldn't do this without your support, so make sure to tell a friend about the show, and tell that friend to tell a friend.

This podcast was started on Anchor, though it is most often found on Spotify. The show can also be found on Castbox, a podcast site and app, and it should be on Apple Podcasts soon; there are merely a few technical difficulties to work out. The podcast should soon be on Google Podcasts, as well as sites like Overcast, Amazon Music, Radio Public, and more. In the meantime, make sure to go listen to The Raleigh Firebirds Show; you'll really enjoy it.

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